How to Properly Take Care of Your Mouth

You mouth is much more important than you probably know. You speak, you eat, and you communicate through body language using your mouth. Teeth are really important for first impressions and for your attractiveness. Bad breath is a complete turnoff and many people can’t stand crooked teeth. So taking care of your mouth is one of the most important things in your life that you can do, both for your overall health as you get older and with your social and romantic impressions. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your teeth pearly white and your mouth disease free.

Brush Your Teeth

How to properly take care of your mouth
This one is super obvious. Brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean and healthy. The real issue is how you are brushing your teeth. You need to get your gums and all of your teeth, even the ones way in the back. Brush in small circles and get in front and behind all of your teeth. Always take your time when brushing your teeth, the optimal time for a good tooth brush is two minutes. So brush away and keep your teeth shiny!


When the dentist tells you to floss your teeth, you probably nod while realizing that the only time you are going to floss next is right before your next dentist’s visit. That is not the way to keep your teeth squeaky clean. You need to make sure that you are flossing, and flossing well, at least once every three days. If you do it correctly, your teeth will last much longer than if you don’t floss, and that is important for your health and your social life. Infections in the teeth can spread to the blood stream and cause death, Make sure that you are brushing properly and flossing well.


For an aesthetic improvement whitening your teeth is a really great option. Your smile will be pearly and bright, and you will be able to have an awesome and lovely first impression. Always make sure that you aren’t whitening them too much, or you will make your enamel thin and your teeth won’t be able to withstand heat or cold temperatures in your mouth to the point of pain.

White Teas

Drinking white tea is great for your teeth in general. It will cleanse your mouth of harmful bacteria and it will make sure that your teeth are protected and your breath is fresh. White tea is delicious and great for losing weight, your immune system and your mouth’s health.

Eat Your Greens

Eating green foods is a way to naturally clean your teeth while making them stronger, the cellulose is good for chewing and it will help you keep your pearly whites strong and fierce. So not only are vegetables good for your body and general health but they are a perfect way to help keep your teeth clean.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a fast way to yellow your teeth, destroy the smell of your breath, and give yourself mouth cancer. Tobacco is so bad for everything in your mouth, and you need to avoid it if you want a healthy smile, period.

Avoid Sodas

Carbonated, sugary drinks will rot your teeth away. The combination of the carbon bubbles and sugars, along with other chemicals that are in the colas and sodas is absolutely awful for your teeth, and consistent soda drinkers are much more likely to have trouble with cavities and losing teeth. So only have soda once and a while and you will be able to keep your teeth longer and have a much healthier smile.


Sugar is another thing to avoid if you want to keep your mouth gleaming and healthy. Excessive sugar is bad for your body, and it’s bad for your teeth. Eat you sugar in small, sparing doses, and make sure that you brush your teeth vigorously after a sugary snack.

Visit Your Dentist

Regular Visits To Your Dentist Are Crucial For A Healthy Mouth

Regular Visits To Your Dentist Are Crucial For A Healthy Mouth

And finally, regular visits to you dentist are crucial for keeping your mouth in peak condition. Visit a dentist before you feel pains to make sure that your teeth stay nice and healthy and that you don’t need any root canals or major surgeries. If you do your best to keep your mouth healthy, you will be much better off than if you did otherwise.