Using Erotic Fiction to Bring Couples Closer

Spice Your Relationship Up

Spice Your Relationship Up

There is a simple and fun way to bring you and your girlfriend closer than ever before. If you and she are having a little trouble making things memorable in the bedroom, it’s time to branch out with a little more erotic play. Before you buy a bunch of crazy sex toys or force her to watch through hours of porn she might hate you should read some erotic fiction together. Erotica is just written porn, but it can have a huge impact on your sex life.

Women Prefer Erotica to Porn

Men love to see their porn. They love dirty pictures, they love smutty drawings (think of how popular naked playing cards are), and they especially love porn. If there’s a woman and she’s naked that’s all men need to know. Women typically need just a little bit more than that to get them hot and heavy. Erotica is a pornographic, explicit story that’s written instead of visual, and here’s the secret: women love them. Have you ever picked up a romance novel and been surprised that there was much more sex in it than the term “romance” novel led you to imagine? Romance novels are basically the soft core porn of the written world. Erotica is hardcore explicit pornography, and women love it. It activates their imagination and gets them hot and heavy like nothing else. If your girlfriend wants to try something new in the bedroom but is uncomfortable or uninterested in regular porn, erotica can be a female oriented alternative for the two of you to try.

It’s very easy to find a lot of great erotica. All you need to download tons of erotica for free is an Amazon reading app. It’s free, so you can put it on your phone, tablet, or computer. Then you don’t need a Kindle to be able to download Amazon eBooks. Just go to the self-published section and type in “sex stories.” You’ll have more hits than you can handle, and the best part is that most of these smutty stories are completely free. They’re free porn written by women for women, so you know that she’s going to love it.

A Great Way to Talk about Kinks

If you want to play a fun game in the bedroom, introduce your girlfriend to erotica and then suggest that the two of you spend the weekend browsing through the various kinks and then each choose a story for the other to read. You might choose a delightful piece about getting road head that makes you weak at the knees, and she might surprise you by bringing you a story about a college co ed getting verbally humiliated. These stories are a great way to start a dialogue between you and your girlfriend about what you like in stories, what you like in real life, and where you might be willing to experiment and see about crossing that line. If your girlfriend is looking for more from your sex life but has a hard time talking about it, this is a great way to get her to open up.

Read It to Each Other for Foreplay

Some guys love foreplay. Some men think that it’s a lot of work. If you’re of the second opinion, let erotica take that burden off your hands. A lot of women love to hear a man say sexy, dirty things to them and with the help of erotica you don’t even have to think of them yourself. You and your girlfriend can trade off reading each other paragraphs of porn until you’re both ready to start acting out the scene instead of reading it.

Write Some Together and Put It Online

For another kinky twist to your sex life you and your girlfriend can work together to write a short erotic fiction piece of your own. It will probably require tons of research, but when you’ve hammered it all out you can put it online yourself. Self published porn can get really popular. You can either leave it free, or charge some people a dollar a download and get a kinky thrill out of knowing that you’re spicing up someone else’s sex life too.