Focusing on Foreplay and Making It Fun for You, Too

If you start hooking up with women on a regular basis, then you’ll likely want to make sure that you can get the most out of each experience. You want to make sure that she comes back for more, too, which is why foreplay is so important. We know that it isn’t the most exciting thing to do when it comes to hooking up, but it is definitely a good way to [...]

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The Top 5 Signs That You’re Building Muscle Beneath Fat

It's very easy to get discouraged when you're working out. You can be working your butt off and still find that, no, your butt is right where you left it. If you've been working out regularly but you're not seeing much of a difference in the way your clothes fit or the numbers on the scale (assuming that you haven't been rewarding yourself after [...]

Is the Playstation Vita Worth It?

Playstation Vita
The Nintendo DS was released in 2004, the next in line of Nintendo’s handheld line. Now, many people have tried to dethrone Nintendo in the handheld market, but almost all have failed. This time it was Sony’s turn, with their Playstation Portable released in 2004 as well. Even though it didn’t do as well as the Nintendo DS, there would be a [...]

Turtle Beach Headphones are Well Worth The Price.

Believe it or not, gaming headphone companies are rather competitive with each other. Each strive to deliver the most immersive video gaming experience for the best price while still maintaining a great look and bargain for their customers. Turtle Beach offers a wide variety of functions that are well above the average gaming headphone. To include [...]

Getting Back into Old Romantic Habits

As time goes on we all end up losing a little bit of the spark that happened in earlier stages of the relationship. You start to get to know your partner and see their flaws and strengths, the sex becomes routine because you can always get it, and there’s a whole new life that you’ve created together. These things are natural, but they [...]

Why a Weekly Budget Is Better than a Monthly One

Drafting a budget is the first step in the direction of financial success. A budget allows you to get a full picture of how you spend your money, how much income you really have, and how many expenses you need to account for. It helps with managing debt and keeping track of what you need to pay off first. However, deciding how to plan out your [...]

Why You Aren’t Getting Any at the End of a Date

Growing up there was always a weird stigma with dating. Kids think that if you go on a date you’re then boyfriend and girlfriend (or whatever combination) and then you’re together. That’s it. But as we’ve gotten older all of us have realized that that’s far from the truth. More accurate would be to say that you go on a date, things are [...]

Saving Cash Buying Your Textbooks Online

When you're in college, there are a ton of expenses that you have to deal with every single semester. Tuition alone costs a huge chunk of change, and that amount seems to be going up every year, year after year. On top of that, you have to pay for some place to live as well as buying all of the food that you'll need to survive. By the time you get [...]

Health Fads: Doing More Harm than Good?

Given the emphasis society as a whole puts on body image, it's no surprise that there are literally thousands of gimmicks out there designed to hook people on the newest and most effective health kick. When these kicks are endorsed by popular television personalities or magazines they rocket to popularity and become the latest and greatest fad. [...]

Why You Should Consider Dating a Sex Worker

There are all types of sex workers out there, and many of them want to be in relationships just as much as non-sex workers. Some men are turned off by the idea of dating a sex worker, but if you’re open-minded, you might discover why dating a sex worker can actually be a great thing. In fact, some men feel that dating sex workers tend to value [...]